The Demons of Farendoth


Boys it looks like you joined the resistance.

After returning to the mine from their raid on Vorg One-Eye, the adventurers find the remenants of a large skirmish. Bodies of about 30 slain orcs and goblins are scattered across the field around the entrance. The adventurer’s can see some of the resistance fighters burying their dead (about 10 people) the 4 UL guards the adventurers saw when entering the mine seem the to have taken the brunt of the assault as they are heavily bandaged (and many of the dead attackers show the brutal wounds left by the Ul daggers they weild).

Arriving at the same time Vorgrym’s rading force of about 20 knights return from their assault on a nearby orc encampment. Looking mostly uninjured many are missing lances and have empty quivers for their bows.

As you enter the mine you are greeted by a large man encased in black steel armor his helmet held under his arm and a large two-handed bladed hanging from his back.
In the upper right corner of his breastplate is marked with a clenched red fist underneath which are 4 drops of blood marking him as a Field Marshal in the Order of Arkmytr.
He is flanked by a Warforged with a large number of bags and wearing a short sword as well as a bandolier full of various small glass containers, who you learn is named Watcher. And also by the man you first met when entering the mine, a man in his late 50’s in fine cloths (though a little worse for wear and mildly blood splattered) wearing a rapier and parrying dagger on his hip, named Aaron Traidal.

Field Marshal Martrim val’Domdred inquires as to the success of your raid against Vorg One-Eye, and gives you leave to rest, but he tells that you should see Watcher after you rest.

Watcher gives each of you a sack contain 5 contraptions he calls Arkmytr’s Dinnerware and asks you to bury them in the ground between here and a gathering Tarminsk force. He also cautions you not to step on them after placing them in the ground, unless you don’t like having legs anyway.

So, you take you dangerous plates and head north. Before burying the mines you scout over a set of hills and see a large Tarminsk force gathering in the hills. You estimate this force to be around 40,000 strong. Placing the mines in the hills to the south of the army, the adventurers headed back to the mine.

On the way back you run into a necromancer from the Black Tower who had just killed a group of scouts. Upon seeing you he raises his rod and creates a portal from which undead charge out of.

After dispensing the necromancer you continue on your way back to the mine. When you return tto the mine you are told to rest for the night for the caravan is heading out early in the morning. After resting for the night, you see the caravan gathering outside, a Knight of Arkmytr runs over and tells you to take the rear guard with other sets of scouts.

During the day you see a group of hobgoblins approaching your group. With some quick thinking you set up an ambush for the group of scouts. In a matter of seconds the hobgoblins are cut down an down run to tell caravan that the Tarminsk force may be getting close.

During the night, after the caravan sets up camp, you start asking around about where exactly you are headed. While Conall is talking with a knight of the Order of Tymar, you see flares launched into the sky from the soldiers on watch. Given that your tents were on the edge of the camp enemies quickly make it to where you were resting. After fighting waves of various monstrous races you here the Field Marshal call nearby forces to rally on him. When in sight of the Field Marshall, you see him Aaron Traidal, Watcher, and Vorgrym battling a group of undead. Though it doesn’t appear that the need your help, you move to intercept a group of soldiers headed there way. AS the bodies pile up, the Field Marshal orders you to deal with a group of archers who have positioned themselves on top of a small hill on the edge of camp.

When you move to assault the hilltop you see a group of men in black scale armor, their armor is marked with a green snake’s head (this is the mark of the Demon Queen of Tarminsk Natricinae). They are blocked by 5 crossbowmen behind large sheilds who are firing into the encampment. One of the armored figures is carrying a banner with the Snake Symbol as well as the Red Demon Head you saw marked the armor you had before, symbolizing that this group of Black Legionaries is lead by a Centurion.

After killing the Centurion and his guards, the battle is quickly ended in the encampment. Cries of the wounded and the dying can be heard from the rise and the smell of smoke and blood fills the air. The Field Marshal orders everyone to gather what they can and that the move south as quickly as possible. He tells you he will take the force to the Iron Citadel, and that he needs you to head to Arkon to warn the Order’s Grand Master of the invasion force head to The Chasms and to hold for at least three days as he rallies the forces at the Iron Citadel. He gives you a Red Fist Amulet to mark you as an ally of the Order of Arkmytr.

And with that you head further south towards the Unclaimed Lands



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