Nalea Towerstrider

A misplaced goliath who really hates pirates


HP: 47
AC: 21(?)
Fort: 16
Ref: 15
Will: 14

Passive Perception: 17
Passive Insight: 12

Armor: Leather
Weapon: Longspear


Kidnapped once by Freeport pirates from her homeland among the goliaths, she escaped and found refuge with the Tribes of the Alondel Desert as a child. She was raised as one of them and mastered the use of spears as defensive weapons. When she set out to take her revenge on the same pirates who kidnapped her, she was outnumbered and poorly prepared. They kidnapped her once again and this time sold her to slavers heading north to Tarminsk Empire. Now she holds a bitter grudge against pirates and slavers alike.

Nalea Towerstrider

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