Samael of Freeport

A youthful cutpurse and survivor from the rough streets of Freeport, sold into slavery within the Tarminsk empire.


Level 2

Unaligned, male human rogue

AC: 17
Fort: 13
Ref: 18
Wil: 14

Hit Points: 30

Wears leather armor.

Wields a cutlass (longsword stats) and a hand crossbow. Also carries a few daggers at all times.

Trained skills: acrobatics, athletics, bluff, perception, stealth, streetwise, thievery


A young man of 17, Samael is wiry and toughened by a life spent on the streets of Freeport. He’s learned to care for himself and trust few, a necessity of survival in a town full of pirates, thugs, and mercenary bands.

Samael never met his father and his mother, a tavern wench at the Black Sail tavern, disappeared when he was 6, leaving him to fend for himself. Samael quickly learned to make a living as he could and took to begging scraps, slitting purses, and living with street gangs. He has a reputation for being a stubborn survivor, making few permanent attachments and fleeing as often as fighting, relying on guile and quick reflexes to keep out of trouble. Nevertheless, he has a tendency to stand up for others when the opportunity presents itself, leading to frequent troubles with some of the rougher gangs in Freeport.

While cutting through an alleyway one evening, Samael was caught off guard by a group of burly men who knocked him out and sold him to traveling Tarminsk slavers. Since then, he has found himself in worse trouble than he’d ever imagined finding, swept up in a resistance movement and fighting for his very life in a place a long, long way from home.

Samael of Freeport

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