The Demons of Farendoth

What will be the price of freedom?

The players start this adventure in chains, slaves to the Tarminsk Empire. The lives they once lived have been shattered and now they are forced into a small cell in a slave station in the southwest of the Empire.

It is here that they meet Vorgrym, a Dark Elf attached to a group of local resistance fighters who has also been captured and enslaved.

As they waited, chained to the wall of their cell, the guards entered with hot brands, marking all the adventurers with the symbol of a bloody fang, the brand of Vorg One-Eye a local Orc chief and slave trader.

With a little bit of magic and some force of will the adventurer’s managed to kill the guard watching their cell and escape, quickly slaughtering the other guards in the adjacent supply room.

Now equipped with various looted weapons the adventurer’s charged into the courtyard and in a quick and brutal fight slaughtered the slave traders.

Upon escaping the compound, the adventurer’s brands flared red. Unsure of what to make of this, the adventurer’s headed to the resistance encampment in an abandoned mine a few hours away.

One the road the adventurer’s were attacked by a gnoll mounted on a skeletal horse and his wolf mounted goblin underlings. In an intense chase, the adventurer’s managed to slay their pursuers and arrived at the mine.

At the mine, the adventurers learn that Vorg’s encampment is only a half-days travel away and that the resistance is planning a raid in the area. Planning their assault to happen with the arrival of a tempest, the adventurers head out to kill Vorg. Before leaving the adventurers are join by a priest from the Order of Ilisticus named Gwenn who promises to protect them from the worst of the tempest. Leaving at the same time a Vorgrym and a group of about twenty knights, who rode to draw away any Tarminsk forces in the are of the raid, the adventurers head north to Vorg’s manor.

The adventurer’s quickly storm the gate to Vorg’s manor killing the guards as rain and lightning battered Gwenn’s shield.

However, her shield did not protect them from the lightning wielded by Vorg. Twice he called devastating bolts of electricity against the adventurers knocking many of them unconscious. However, the adventurer finally managed to slay Vorg and his guards. Upon Vorg’s death the brands become completely healed, becoming scars that looked years old.

After looting the manor and freeing the slaves that were on the grounds the adventurers returned to the mine. Upon their return, they see the aftermath of what appears to have been a rather large skirmish. the dead litter the battlefield, the corpses of orcs and goblins mixed with those of some resistance fighters. A large pyre burns the corpses of dead orcs and a large grave is being dug for the fallen resistance members.

It is here that this days adventure ends.


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