Tag: Nation


  • Garred Confederacy

    Founded during the [[Blood War]] the three houses of the Confederacy sided with [[Garred Regdar]] in his fight against his brother [[Demarcus]]. After Garred's death at the end of the [[Blood War]] and the fall of [[House Regdar]], the houses of the …

  • Inrit

    h4. History h4. Cities [[Hammerfall]] [[Tattosh]] [[Duraton]] [[Igar]]

  • Pas-shyr

    h4. History ELVES!!! h4. Cities [[Pashtyr]] [[Shaedon]] [[Savialtas]]

  • Shairal

    h4. History Founded by the [[High Elves]] shortly after their creation, Shairal was a paradise for eons. However during the [[Chaos War]] Shairal suffered greatly at the hands of [[Demons]]. The High Elves were the first nation after the [[Goliats]] …

  • Ulrog

    h4. History They hate the [[Tarminsk Empire]]... like a lot. h4. City [[Bastion]]

  • Tarminsk Empire

    h4. History Founded by [[Demarcus | Demarcus Regdar]] after the [[Blood War]], the Tarminsk Empire is home to all kinds of monstrosities. He has also taken control of the lands of his former House as well as those of two smaller house destroyed during …