Blood War

This history was written by Vinci Lathari close friend to Garred Regdar and his brother Demarcus. He took Garred’s side in the war. The war began about 50 years ago when Vinci Lathari was 18 and ended only 20 years ago.

Of all the men I’ve ever known I have met few as different as the brothers of the House of Regdar. Born within minutes of each other the twin brother Garred and Demarcus would grow to become the most powerful men Farendoth has seen in eons.

Much to Demarcus’ displeasure Garred was the first to leave his mother’s womb and therefore the heir to the House Regdar. Also, unlike his brother Garred, Demarcus was a sickly child. As his brother trained with the legion and learned strategy his brother read tombs on magic and histories of the world. I remember him reading Varenth’s chronicles on the Age of Gods and the Chaos Wars more than anything else, for it was those books that would come to haunt this world.

Demarcus was sent to study magics at the Black Tower shortly after his 14th name day, the same day Garred went to the Legion Academy in Cathra. This was the time before KeridissAscension when she was still headmistress of the Black Tower. And apparently took quite the liking to young Demarcus teaching him the magics that would be the bane of our legions during the war that was soon to come.

A year after Keridiss’ Ascension Valak Regdar died and Garred was to take his place as head of House Regdar.

However, somehow during his studies Demarcus learned of an army of Demons and other monstrosities hidden in the realm of Hel and was able to open a portal an call them forth. He marched this army to Cathra and struck during Garred’s coronation. Cathra was burned to the ground, thousands lay dead, only to rise as Demarcus used his magic. I’ll never forget having to decapitate the head off of a girl who appeared about the same age as my sister at the time. During the attack, Garred and I used our body guards (about a total of ten centuries worth of men [1,000 men]) to hold off the enemy and allow as many citizens to escape. After escaping Cathra Garred and I went to the other houses and raised all the legions possible, nearly 2 million men, enough to overrun any other army on the planet, and somehow this war rage for 30 years and still victory was never found.

During the war Garred and I also for an alliance of most of the other nations of Farendoth. It certainly helped that Demarcus was sending his hoards against most of them. Without these nations the Confederacy would have certainly been crushed in a matter of a few short years. But we persevered and the Grand Alliance still stands to hold the Tarminsk Empire at bay.

Thankfully Garred’s sacrifice in the last year of the war and his Ascension made a barrier that stops any creature influenced by the power of the Dreadlords from leaving the lands of Demarcus’ Empire. for without that barrier all of the lands of Farnedoth would still be plagued with Demons appearing from thin air to lay havoc all around them. And my demon hunters make sure they never get too comfortable.

Important Battles

Massacre of Cathra
The Southern Escape
First Battle of Vryla
Siege of Bastion
Battle at Farken Wells
Second Battle of Vryla
Battle of Harmond’s Bridge
The Charge of the Radiant Lancers
Last Stand of the Blood Legion
Battle of Riversmeet
The Battle of Garred’s Ascension

Blood War

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